CS025 - Omniflex bridges technology gap in CP System for Tipner UK

When CCSL were awarded the contract to undertake repairs on the M275 Interchange and add new remote monitoring equipment to their Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system, they chose an Omniflex PowerView CP solution due to the ability to retrofit to an existing system.

The Result

Chris Spence, CCSL said:

“From the initial enquiry through to delivery of the unit, Omniflex have provided CCSL with a first class service.

“The unit supplied to us is built to a very high quality and was seamless to set up, we are very pleased with the service and end product that the guys at Omniflex provided and are happy to have installed the first system here in the U.K.”

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CS024 - Cardinia Creek Bridge uses Omniflex Cathodic Protection

When Infracorr Consulting were retained by VicRoads to design, supervise and commission an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system in accordance with VicRoads specifications to address extensive chloride induced reinforcement corrosion of the six reinforced concrete pier supporting the South Gippsland Highway Bridge over Cardinia Creek in the state of Victoria Australia, they chose an Omniflex Cathodic Protection system because of the remote monitoring and control capability.

The Result

Luke Thompson, Infracorr had this to say:

“We had no hesitation in choosing the Omniflex CP system. We had used Omniflex's Data2Desktop remote monitoring and control on a number of CP projects before including a similar bridge over Deep Creek on the same highway, and the system has proved it can save us money by reducing the number of site visits we need to make.

“By having all the assets we monitor accessible through the same web interface we can consolidate our monitoring and reporting into one convenient tool that saves us time.”

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CS022 - Shell Lubricants' replacement alarm annunciator from Omniflex slips in smoothly

When Shell Lubricants in the UK needed to replace an ageing process alarm system with SIL certified technology, they chose Omniflex to engineer a replacement solution based upon the state-of-the-art Omni16R annunciator system with minimal downtime by not disturbing existing plant cabling.

The Result

Geoff Roberts, Engineering Technician said:

“I felt totally confident from the start working with the Omniflex engineers that the system would be designed and installed correctly, and they did not let me down.

“The level and content of docu-mentation provided was excellent which far outweighed our original expectation.

“Installing the new system enabled us to tidy the alarm fascias in the control rooms, making the whole system more efficient.”

Connor Campbell, Regional Engineer - Shell also said:

“The initial challenge of replacing an old alarm system without changing any of the field wiring was daunting, but the new Omniflex system was designed and installed by their engineers seamlessly, to utilise the same racks and existing wiring without any issues at all.”

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CS021 - FFS refines logistics with Omniflex' Data2Desktop

When FFS Refiners (FFS) were looking to improve fuel delivery logistics to improve transport efficiency and improve customer service, they chose the web based Data2Desktop remote monitoring service from Omniflex.

The Result

Carl Frankenfeld, General Manager Sales at FFS says, that FFS partnered with Omniflex, because they are leaders in remote monitoring applications. The result of this partnership produced a state-of-the-art GSM-GPRS telemetry based solution that allows for reliable, fast and cost-effective transmission of data using cellular phone networks.

FFS have a dedicated logistics department, who remotely monitor in real time the rate of usage and tank levels of their major customers, and manage the ordering and transport function, ensuring that priority loads arrive on time.

AMark Butterfield - FFS National Customer Service Manager had this to say:

“With both FFS and our Clients having access to the data has dramatically improved service delivery and organisational efficiency adding value to both parties.

“We can see what is happening with a customer's inventory usage even before they are aware of it - that keeps us ahead of the game.”

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CS020 - Omniflex protects Tank Farms for Simon Storage

When Simon Storage decided to upgrade their legacy Rochester and Sentry annunciator systems across four of their terminal sites, they chose Omniflex to provide a new SIL rated alarm annunciator system which included high-high, tank level hardwired safety critical alarms, serially derived alarm events from site-wide utilities and interfacing to existing SCADA based control/inventory systems.

Omniflex were awarded the contracts to supply distributed alarm annunciator systems using their industry proven Alarm and Event Management Systems. Combinations of local SIL1 Omni16 Remote Logic Units (RLUs) for hardwired alarms, distributed Maxiflex I/O Systems for derived alarms and OmniX high intensity LED display fascias were used to give local alarm and indication at various locations.

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CS019 - Omniflex keeps Magnox Hydro Power Station safe

When Magnox' Maentwrog Power Station decided to upgrade its legacy MPAS90 alarm annunciator systems on its Hydro Generators, they chose Omniflex to provide a replacement alarm and event management system.

The Result

By utilising existing cabinets, a very fast changeover from the old systems to the new was achieved, thereby avoiding the risk of project overrun during a narrow outage window.

The new system also allows future expansion across the site, including gathering data from remote locations several kilome-tres away using Omniflex's Conet networking technology over existing cabling infrastructure without the need of any modem equipment.

Neil Pugh, Station Engineer for Maentwrog Power Station had this to say:

“We were very concerned when, after running the dam level down before the job began, it then started to rain non-stop and the dam filled up again in no time. Omniflex worked very hard and pulled out all the stops to get the system installed and working in the minimum of time. It all came together without a hitch and we were very pleased that we could get back to generating so soon.”

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CS017 - Omniflex cures NHS Energy Monitoring Headache

When Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust decided to collect energy consumption data in real-time from over 100 energy meters around their hospitals, Bradford and St Luke's, they chose Omniflex to provide the server and communications infrastructure.

The Result

An Omnergy MDAS Server stores all the metering history on an ongoing basis and makes the data available to the hospital facilities manager via a web interface making it easy to access the data and reports via any web browser.

A standard export facility makes this data available for import into the hospital's legacy systems.

Nsipa Siwale, Energy Manager, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had this to say:

“Omniflex provided a cost effective solution for us to gather data from our distributed energy meters/ sub meters from all areas of our hospi-tals to enable us to monitor and manage our energy usage efficient-ly. I'm very pleased with outcome.”

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CS016 - Glastonbury Festival runs on Teleterm Wireless

When Glastonbury Festival Organisers needed to deliver a million gallons of water over five days to 800 outlets over a square mile, they chose Teleterm Wireless Telemetry to monitor water pressures across the vast site.

The Result

The event went off without a hitch and the water system met the requirements as planned.

The M2R units are capable of accepting both Digital and Analogue inputs. Although this year's project required analogue inputs only it is the intention to increase the functionality of the system for future festivals.

Mel Hammond, Omniflex Accounts Manager had this to say:

“A large high profile event such as this dependent upon the delivery of water to so many people over so many days made the system requirements as critical as the most demanding industrial process.

“We took extra care in the system trialling and telemetry design, working with the organisers to ensure these requirements were met.”

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CS015 - Omniflex replaces obsolete Robinson Annunciators

When E ON needed to replace their obsolete 1800 point critical alarm system at Isle-of-Grain Power Station, with minimal disruption, they chose an Omni16C SIL rated solution from Omniflex.

The Result

Omniflex's custom engineered solution to suit E ON's specific requirements, but based upon the proven Omni16C alarm modules to retain the safety certifications, allowed for the re-use of all of the existing internal panel wiring, power supplies and existing mechanical fixing.

Jim Vause, Assistant C&I Engineer for the Grain Station had this to say:

“The contract awarded to Omniflex was based on an E ON scoring system in which we looked at all proposals and scored against cost, project requirements, expected quality of service, previous results and health & safety record.

“I'm very pleased with the completed job. The, work interface and communications was very good, with the final outcome of a deliv-ered replacement alarm system successfully installed. As a result, I would have no problem using Omniflex again." said Jim Vause, Assistant C&I Engineer for the Grain Station.”

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CS014 - Omniflex Radiological Surveillance System saves Sellafield thousands

When Sellafield Limited needed a radiological surveillance and evacuation system for a key complex on the Sellafield site, they again chose Omniflex to provide the system solution.

The Result

The Maxiflex solution delivered was yet another successful radiological surveillance system delivered to the nuclear industry.

Dr Samir Mohamed, Project Engineering Manager, HALES' Projects, Production Operations had this to say:

“For me, one of the most advan-tageous things is the use of existing plant cabling to deliver the multiplexed signals to the relevant processing units. This has saved the company a great deal of money. The Conet network technology is superb.

“The other issue I would like to add is the dedication, flexibility and attention to detail of Omniflex staff to ensure the delivery of product that is of the highest quality.”

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CS012 - Omniflex replaces obsolete Rochester Annunciators

When Lubrizol needed to replace their obsolete critical plant alarms with minimal disruption to production, they chose an Omni16C SIL rated solution from Omniflex.

The Result

The alarm systems were installed in the plant with ease, and were commissioned on time to Lubrizol's complete satisfaction.

Lubrizol's test systems are once again protected by a safety certified alarm system managing the critical alarms.

Mitch Peplow, Control Support Specialist had this to say:

“I have successfully installed the Annunciator panel and it has gone down a treat, so much so my manager has asked me to get a quote for 9 more systems.

“Many thanks for sorting this out, it has got us out of a right pickle.”

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CS011 - Omniflex Telemetry monitors Wind Turbines

When CE Electric needed a comunications solution for the capture of alarms for 8 wind farm installations, they selected Omniflex' Teleterm RTU's for their flexibility and reliability.

The Result

The systems were commissioned on time and within budget, and have proved extremely reliable in operation.

The success of these systems has led to CE Electric using additional Teleterm RTU solu-tions from Omniflex to monitor essential power supplies into their Fulford Pumping Station for Northumbrian Water from York Primary Sub-station and essential supplies into Freeman Hospital from Longbenton Sub Station.

Ian Aynsley, Technical Services Engineer with CE Electric comments:

“I would just like to let you know that I am extremely im-pressed with the performance, ease of use and reliability of the Teleterm M2S RTU's. We have had Omniflex equipment at Fleetwood Power Station and Toronto substation for many years, and the equipment has proved to be very reliable. One of our senior maintenance engineers had forgotten that we still had it installed as it has never given any trouble.

“There are several new schemes on the horizon, and I will be recommending Omniflex for the SCADA alarm transfer.”

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CS010 - Omniflex maintains highly reliable service record

When Ineos Enterprises needed to ensure the highest possible level of availability on their Runcorn and Holford sites, along with 24/7 remote monitoring, they chose Omniflex to provide the telemetry and fast response support required.

The Result

The Ineos assets, have had a very high availability with the scheduled preventative inspec-tions highlighting potential failure’s before they occur, which are then rectified before an unscheduled stoppage occurs.

On some of the remote sites a 1 day response time is being provided to maintain vital systems.

Neil Anderson, Site Engineer at Holford comments:

“The system availability and reliability of the telemetry link is extremely important to our operations; hence we place a high importance on having a support contract with Omniflex which has already provided great benefit to our operations.”

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CS009 - Omniflex monitors radiation at Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

When the University of Cambridge wanted to ensure protection of staff and patients from the hazards associated with accidental radiation leaks at their new Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, (WBIC) they chose an Omniflex solution for their engineering support, and the system's comprehensive array of alarms and its ability to interface with the widest range of monitors.

The Result

Paul Burke, Cyclotron Engineer for WBIC had this to say:

“I really appreciate the way the Omniflex engineers were so instrumental in turning my ideas (somewhat 'woolly' in certain areas) into a working system. I was very impressed by the way the Omniflex team deal with their customers. Throughout the development phase they maintained a close working relationship with us and took great pains to ensure the final package was exactly tailored to our needs.

“It was a refreshing change to deal a company that works in this way. All too often one ends up with a solution that is a compromise: Not so in this case, thanks to the Omniflex team.

“Excellent training and after-sales service too.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we made a wise choice in selecting Omniflex to develop this project for us.”

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CS008 - Maxiflex provides Net Gain for Sasol Oil from Coal

When Sasol needed to automate the acquisition of Analyser information from the process plant for it's "Net Gain" optimization program, it selected the Maxiflex 1000 Series Process Automation Controllers from Omniflex to solve a number of challenges.

The Result

Andre de Jager, Senior Engineer - Scada and DCS for the plant had this to say:

“We vetted and tested product from 36 PLC/Data Acquisition Vendors. Omniflex was the only vendor able to achieve a reliable communications link in the plant.

“Our savings amounted to millions on cable costs. Omniflex was also able to work with us and the Honeywell Technical team to integrate the Maxiflex Conet communications into the TDC gateway modules providing a seamless connection from field based analysers to the Operator at the TDC 3000 operator stations.

“Omniflex's proactive engineering response to our challenges ensures we have a reliable technical solutions platform which we were able to manage our-selves and roll out the system across the entire plant. We achieved our objectives.”

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CS007 - Rand Water uses Omniflex to monitor assets over GSM

When Rand Water wanted to upgrade an existing dial-up remote monitoring application with a wireless system, they chose Omniflex to provide a GSM based solution for its low total cost of ownership and ability to integrate seamlessly into their existing SCADA computer system.

The Result

Louis Coetzer, SCADA Specialist at Rand Water had the following comments:

“The Omniflex OPC server and Teleterm M2G series RTUs fitted seamlessly into our existing SCADA infrastructure. The OPC server was installed in minutes and was receiving data from the Teleterm RTU immediately. The Omniflex system handled the MagMaster data easily including the 32 bit floating point values.”

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CS006 - Omniflex Distributed Control cures a headache at Pfizer

Using the Maxiflex Distributed Process Automation Controllers from Omniflex, Pfizer Ltd have been able to successfully extended their utilities DCS to handle smaller projects well within budget.

The Result

Tony Perry, Pfizer Ltd's senior engineer responsible for utilities said:

“The system has been running for about ten months now with 100% reliability. It was found to be easy to program and interfaced perfectly with the MaxDNA.

“We found the technical support was second to none and most queries were sorted on the phone in a friendly and helpful manner. Queries that could not be answered immediately were replied too within a day either via the phone or by email.

“All in all we have found the Omniflex system was just what we were looking for and allowed us to progress the smaller projects well within budget.”

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CS005 - Mittal Steel chooses Omniflex for DCS Front End

When Mittal Steel upgraded their Newcastle Works in South Africa, they chose a Maxiflex solution from Omniflex to provide the plant I/O and data acquisition to optimise the monitoring and control of energy utilities on the plant.

The Result

Andre de Jager, Senior Engineer - Scada and DCS for the plant had this to say:

“Sizeable capital expenditure has been invested for the extensive refurbishment of the plant and to introduce sophisticated information systems. This has optimised operations and sustained global competitiveness at all levels. The Maxiflex solution has been an integral part of the provisioning of data from the various mills and facilities around the plant.

“We chose the Maxiflex solution because of its track record in acquiring data from around the plant and its effectiveness on existing plant cabling.

“The system has proven itself in this harsh environment and the Maxiflex system provides a cost effectiveness that is hard to beat through its flexibility.”

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CS004 - EMPHASIS on Omni16C Alarms in the Nuclear Industry

With the increasing reliance on “SMART” instruments in safety systems, the problem of substantiating the software in these instruments is a concern. The EMPHASIS tool was developed to assist nuclear site operators to achieve a common level of substantiation whilst eliminating duplication of effort.

The SIL certified Omni16C alarm annunciator has been substantiated by EMPHASIS for use in the UK nuclear industry

The Result

“We have been very happy with the performance of the Omni16C and the availability of the new EMPHASIS tool created an opportunity for us to formally substantiate the reliability of this important product. said the Programmable Electronic Systems Centre of Expertise Leader at Sellafield,

A team from Sellafield visited Omniflex Factory and conducted a thorough review of the design and production methods of the Omni16C range. Both the hardware and the software were evaluated using the EMPHASIS tool to IEC61508 SIL1.

“The EMPHASIS tool provides us the rigour to evaluate the software embedded in SMART instruments.” said the PES & RSI Team Leader at Sellafield. “The software development process employed at Omniflex as well as the Omni8C and Omni16C test methods were thoroughly reviewed using this tool. We found sufficient evidence to justify the SIL1 claim made by the company, and are now satisfied that the Omni16C is suitable for use in the UK nuclear industry.”

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CS003 - Omniflex adds gloss to Dulux Vendor Managed Inventory

When ICI Dulux wanted to improve their inventory management at their Durban paint factory and give direct access to on-site inventory status to vendors, they chose an advanced Data2Desktop data monitoring solution from Omniflex.

The Result

The Dulux Project Engineer, had this to say:

 “This technology is amazing – we knew it existed but we had no idea how easy it was to configure and use. Our buyers are able to see tank levels and get a trend of usage over time which is impossible with our conventional inventory control systems. Our vendors now also have access to the same information and we are pre-empting shortages and improved our efficiency“

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CS001 - Omniflex helps Atomic Plant to take a Quantum Leap

Following a major upgrade, processes at BNFL Springfields Building 633 are now monitored in real time, with alarms being time-stamped to a resolution of 10 milliseconds. As a result, productivity at the plant has improved markedly.

The Result

BNFL's team chose a network based Maxiflex and Maxilarm system manufatured by Omniflex, following successful installations at other BNFL sites.

The full 633 DAS system, as it is called, comprises 19 separate Maxiflex and Maxilarm nodes connected on a 500m dual Conet network and communicating with a new plant SCADA system.

Conet is the world's most rugged LAN, allowing reliable industrial strength communications on existing plant wiring to 10km in a full peer-to-peer configuration. Capabilities for report by exception, dual redundancy and multiple network segments to suit the plant topology are features of the Conet network.

The installed system has already made a significant contribution to the efficiency of the plant. In particular, Maxilarm's ability to time-stamp the digital inputs to a resolution of 10 milliseconds, synchronised across the network, has been welcomed by the operators.

"We have used data acquisition systems from Omniflex before, and have always found them very reliable" comments Springfields based design engineer.

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