Product Brief - Model C1169 OMNI8/16C LAMP DRIVER 16CH


 16 Channel High power Lamp Driver
 Drives older lamps on mimic panels
 High Current capacity
 Uses external 24V dc supply
 250mA per Channel

Omni8/16C 16 Channel Lamp Driver board. Rated at 24Vdc 250mA per channel.

The Lamp driver board is designed to provide extra load drive capability for Omni8C and 16C where high power lamps need to be driven. Typically where old mimic panel or alarm beacons are utilized.

The Lamp Driver board is fitted into one of the Repeat Outputs Slots on the Omni8 or 16. It has 16 Channels connected via detachable terminals which can be removed with the wiring.
Each output channel can deliver 250mA to a lamp using an externally connected 24Vdc power supply The connection uses a 24 V common on Terminal 1 and 2 with each lamp having a dedicated output from terminals 3 to 18. The Lamp return going back to the external supply negative.

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