Product Brief - Model C1170 OMNI8/16C INPUT BD 90-150Vac/dc


 8 Inputs individually isolated to 500Vrms
 Field to Logic Isolation of 1500Vrms
 Plug-in Terminals for easy maintenance
 Wide 90-150Vac/dc input operating range

Omni8/16C 8 Channel Isolated Input Board. Inputs from 90 to 150V ac/dc. This is a spare part. Order with annunciator, add option -3 if fitted to new Omni-8C/16C unit.

This Omni16C input board is designed for use in applications where the input source voltage is supplied external to the Omni16C. This module provides 1500Vac input to logic isolation and 500Vac inter channel isolation.

This input module should be used in applications where the Omni16C inputs need to be connected directly to electrical circuits such as ac powered contactors or relays, relay logic or interlocks etc. powered by 110Vac/dc. This allows the annunciator to be integrated into applications without the use of interposing relays.

The input sense selection (state of the input on/off for an alarm condition) is set via “DIP” switch and inputs are connected via plug-in terminals that allow easy disconnection of the module without disturbing the wiring.

Individually isolated inputs allow each input to be used in a different electrical circuit such as found in motor control circuits.

These boards should only be fitted by Omniflex trained service personnel.

To order this input board separately as a spare part, use Order Code C1170.

To order this input board as a factory-fitted option to a new Omni16C, add -3 to the Order Code.


To order a new Omni16C fitted with these inputs, order as follows:
Item 1. C1480 Annunciator :   Qty 1   Order code: C1480-3

The -3 option instructs the factory to fit these terminal boards to the annunciator.

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