Product Brief - Model C1423A-1 RS232/485 SERIAL I/F BOARD

Omni10C RS232/485 Serial Interface Board

 Serial Interface (RS232/485) for Omni10C Annunciators
 Modbus Protocol - Slave
 Optional RTU or ASCII Modes
 Selectable Baud Rate
 Default Mode for easy access
 RS485 Address set on "DIP" switch

Omni10C Serial Interface RS232/485 using Modbus protocol(Slave). Fitted into Omni10C annunciators when a serial port interface is required.

The Modbus serial Interface options board allows the annunciator to become a Modbus slave device on RS232 or RS485 communications network.

This enables Omni10Cs to receive inputs serially instead of hardwired or for other serial devices to access the hardwired input status via the serial port. 

Up to 15 Omni10Cs be multi-dropped on an RS485 port and all data transmitted or acquired serially.

The serial Interface allows the annunciator to be used in a complimentary role with PLCs or SCADA. Using Modbus communication critical alarms can be routed from the SCADA to Annunciator forcing operator intervention as well as external audible and visual indication of alarms. In a similar way a PLC can be offloaded from the task of processing alarms by routing this function to the annunciator.

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