Product Brief - Model C1434A OMNI8C IP 65 Front Cover


 Fits to Panel over any single Omni8C
 Strong Clear Polycarbonate Window
 Closed Cell Rubber Gasket supplied
 12 Holes to mount for best sealing on thin panels
 Easy retrofit to existing units

Omni8C IP65 front cover for single Omni8C unit. Mounts flat over the Omni8C and it's cut-out and is bolted against the panel using 12 studs.

The Omni8C IP65 front cover is designed as a environmental protective cover for Omni8Cs used in harsh conditions where the front may be exposed to conditions which would otherwise damage the front of the annunciator.

The front cover mounts directly over the Omni8C in its usual panel cut out.

It can be retro fitted to existing Omni8Cs mounted into panel by drilling the 12 mounting holes (Ø6mm) through the panel. The front cover is then tightened against the panel with the gasket supplied providing a good seal against the panel surface. The gasket is made of closed cell rubber to ensure the best dust tight seal.

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