Product Brief - Model C1499A REMOTE BACKLIT DISPLAY (Lamps fitted)


 Incandescent Lamp Display
 Powered via remote logic unit 24Vdc
 Common Positive or Common Negative options
 Connection via terminals or 20Way ribbon header
 Small , compact, panel mounted and easy to use
 User printed legends on inkjet/laser
 Lamp Test facilities

Omni8C - 8 Point Backlit Incandescent Lamp display. Supplied with PC templates to print legends for alarm windows. Driven by 24Vdc inputs.

Note: No longer available with lamps; only Sidebar LEDs; refer Models C1497A and C1498A.

The Omni8C and Omni16C Remote Displays provide 8/16 points of display in a stand-alone panel-mount package without electronics. Available in dual incandescent lamps, backlit LED or Sidebar LED indicator windows. These displays provide panel indication where no integral alarm handling logic is required. Ideal for use with the Omni16c RLU (Model 1479B) or directly connect to your PLC. Common positive or common negative switching options are available. Integral lamp test feature enhances system reliability. These displays provide an ideal low cost alternative to individual panel indicators .

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Relevant Downloads
 Window Legend Templates
Use these templates to easily create window legends on any inkjet or laser printer.
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