Product Brief - Model C1660A-1 OMNI10C 19-60Vdc INPUT


 20-60Vdc Powered
 Compact, panel mounted and easy to use
 10 Contact Inputs
 Normally Open/Closed Selectable via DIP switch
 27 Standard Sequences
 Bright Solid State Backlit Red LED Display
 User printed legends on inkjet/laser
 Four function Group Alarm output contact
 Fully "DIP" Switch Configurable
 Optional Serial Port - Modbus/PLC compatible

Omni10c Integral Alarm Annunciator (19-60Vdc inputs) 5 Row by 2 Column format. Terminal Strips A, B and C installed. Powered from 20 to 60V dc

The Omni-10c alarm annunciator is a compact panel mounted annunciator designed for the harsh industrial, substation and marine environments. This productinherits the field proven Omni16c design technologies into an ultra compact ruggedised package.

10 inputs are wired to the rear of the panel mount unit (Model C1660A only), and any abnormal condition on any of the inputs causes the corresponding window on the front of the Omni10c to flash according to the selected flash sequence.

The operator controls the Omni10c annunciator via up to four separate pushbuttons (not included).

A "Horn" relay output contact on the rear of the unit can be used to sound an audible warning (not included) when an alarm occurs.

A common "Group Alarm" relay output contact available on the rear of the unit will indicate when any alarm on the Omni10c occurs.

A number of input options are available including high voltage isolated inputs, and a serial port only interface for inputs originating in other instrumentation. The 10 wired inputs and are individually DIP switch configured for N.O. or N.C. operation.

The alarm flashing sequence for the 10 inputs is configured by switches on the rear of the unit with a choice of 27 standard sequences Multiple Omni10c alarm units can be wired together with common pushbuttons and audible for all units. Facility is also provided to synchronise flashing between multiple units, and extend first out alarm indication across multiple units.

An optional serial port provides the ability to connect theOmni10c via the popular Modbus communications protocol to other intelligent devices.

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