Product Brief - Model C2476A OMNITERM LZB


 DIN Rail or surface mountable
 Narrow 22.5mm module width
 Short Circuit Proof Inputs an outputs
 Wide operating temperature range
 CE Mark Compliant
 500Vac Isolation Input/Output

Omniterm LZB Input 2 Potential Free Contacts. Two Solid State Outputs with surge protection. Surge Current discharge protection 10kA 8/20μs nominal. Isolation 1500V Input to Output. Powered from 10 to 30Vdc.

The OMNITERM LZB is a dual input field contact interface module designed to protect RTU and PLC installations from external factors such as lightning surges, ground loops and wiring faults.

This module includes a fully specified surge arrestor, a signal isolator and a high side output driver allowing you to combine all three functions into a single module.

Forming part of OMNIFLEX' extensive OMNITERM range of industrial instrumentation, the OMNITERM LZB is designed to be DIN rail or surface mounted and is a space saving 22.5mm wide, or 11.25mm per channel.

See the companion Omniterm LZD datasheet for dual analogue inputs with surge protection.

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