Product Brief - Model CC001A Omniset Configuration Software

Omniset Configuration Software (Free download from Web)

 Free Software Configuration Utility
 Common Intuitive User Interface for all Omniflex Products
 Saves Product Configuration for easy maintenance
 Extensive product Specific Help

Use Omniset to configure products such as Omni8/16C, Maxiflex and Omniterm modules. Programs via serial port on PC or USB port using a USB to Serial Port Adaptor. See product for required programming cable.

Current Version: 7.4

Download File Size: 10.11 Mbytes

Licence: Free for use with Omniflex Products

 PC equipped with 300MHz processor or above
 Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/7/8 32-bit & 64-bit
 10MB free hard disk space
 1 free RS232C serial port (can also be used with USB/Serial Port adaptor)

Download Instructions:
This software is distributed as a single .exe file, that will automatically install Omniset when run.

Omniset is now supplied with a complete library of templates for configuring all Omniflex products. This library can be kept up to date from the web using the "Update Library" feature within Omniset.

This free version of Omniset is compatible with user files created in all previous versions of Omniset and DITview.

To download this software now click here

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Installation Instructions:
For further instructions on installing this software, see this readme.txt file

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