Product Brief - Model M1104C MX DC LF 48V

Maxiflex 48Vdc Logic/Field Power Supply

 Operate MAXIFLEX systems from 48Vdc
 Fits in PSU slot of MAXIFLEX base
 24Vdc 1A Field supply output for powering IO included
 Wide input operating range
 Power Supply Monitoring for reliable system operation
 CE certified for international application
 Logic Supply Healthy indication

Maxiflex DC LF Power Supply. 48Vdc input supply with logic supply (5V and 12V) to Maxiflex base and an isolated field supply 24Vdc 1A (for field loops)

The M1104C Power Supply Module is powered from an external +48Vdc (nominal) supply, and provides the primary logic power for a MAXIFLEX I/O Base, as well as a 24Volt dc 1Amp isolated supply for powering I/O.

This power supply module operates over a wide input voltage range of 43-55Vdc, allowing Maxiflex systems to be operated on 48Volt battery systems.

All connections to the module are made via screw terminals located behind the door on the front of the module. These terminals are removable for easy module replacement.

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