Product Brief - Model M1589D HART NIM


 Connects to two HART loops, each with up to 15 devices
 Acts as Primary Master in each HART loop
 Facilitates real-time data acquisition to SCADA and DCS
 Fits any Maxiflex I/O Slot.
 Supports both Burst Mode and Polled mode operation.
 Configurable Poll Timers when in Polled Mode.
 Automatic or Manual Polling regime when in Polled Mode.
 Up To 64 Custom Query Blocks can be configured.
 500Vdc minimum loop isolation to each HART loop.
 Offloads communications task from the CPU
 CE approved
 Up to 15 Hart NIMs in a Maxiflex system

Dual Hart NIM for Inteface to HART enabled devices to send and retrieve data

The Maxiflex M1589D Dual Hart NIM is a Network Interface Module that acts as a permanent host interface device (primary master) on up to two Hart networks simultaneously and is used to acquire data from the HART loops and to make the data available for SCADA, data-logging etc. using the Maxiflex system.

The Hart NIM plugs into an I/O slot on a Maxiflex base and independently interrogates field devices on two Hart networks, making the data available to the Maxiflex system.This data may be accessed by the entire range of Maxiflex CPU's. The NIM is designed to be self configuring for ease of use. Once powered up, the NIM searches for HART devices on each of its two HART interfaces and builds an inventory of devices found.

Various data elements are continuously and automatically read from the device and stored in the Data Interchange Table (DIT) in the device for access by the rest of the Maxiflex system.

The HART NIM handles all HART communications andexchanges data with the system by means of a 3000 register Data Interchange Table (DIT). All system configuration data and dynamic data can be read and written through this convenient table interface. This data is then accessible by the CPU, SCADA, DCS or PLC systems as regular data registers in the system.

The link to the HART device is made transparent to the rest of the system.

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