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2003-09-16 00:00:00


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The Universal Programmable Transmitter is here
Ian Loudon

September sees the newly released feature packed Universal Programmable Transmitter (TxB - as we call it, Model No C2401A) shipping from our factory. Any input type to any output type is the name of the game here. Thermocouples, RTDs, Voltage and Current are accepted directly and you choose the output range you require, 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V etc.

The TxB is a Din Rail Mounting 4 Wire Transmitter can be powered from a 20 to 30V dc supply and has the following key features.


  • TC/mV/VC/RB universal input
  • 0-20mA / 0- 10V / 0- 1mA universal output
  • 24Vdc powered
  • Three port isolation to 1500Vac
  • Software configurable
  • Sensor linearisation standard
  • Output overload detection and indicator


What's needed with the TxB

To get up and running you need:

  • A TxB  Model No. C2401A-0
  • A Standard Programming Cable  Model No. C1168A
  • The Configuration Software (Standard OmniSet) with..
  • The TxB DVX Template configuration File
  • Your PC with a serial port (DB9 adapter)

The Software is free - downloadable from the Website.
The cable is also free if you purchase 10 or more TxB's and is the same cable you use for Omni16C configuration.

OmniSet is also the same as you used with Omni16C except you need the TxB DVX configuration file.


It's so easy to set up

DIP Switches

Set the DIP switches top and bottom of the housing to the disired input or outputs type to be used e.g. 3 wire RTD is different to Thermocouples. The housing is screened with the settings.

Configuration (11 mouse clicks and 3 minutes of your time)

Load the software, connect the TxB to your PC using the cable, select the options required, 11 mouse clicks and 3 minutes of your time!, save the configuration you have chosen for future use or reference. The job is done.

You can offer to set up the TxBs for your customers as a service or let them do it themselves. We offer the same service from the Factory free of charge.

Put your Stock Order in Now!

TxB is shipping ex stock from the Durban Factory. Since TxB is a commodity product you need to be putting it on your shelf to minimize your sales cycle. One product does all means you don't need a lot to cover all the options. Also you can deliver ex-stock calibrated to the desired range without the need for a technician.

The TxB Sales material is all available from the Website. The latest International Edition of Omnifacts has a feature article on page 4. The TxB is shipped with the usual Instruction Guide inside the box.

The programming cable is shipped with a CD containing Standard OmniSet and the latest DVX Template file for TxB.

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The Universal Programmable Transmitter is here
What's needed with the TxB
It's so easy to set up
Put your Stock Order in Now!
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Get the Datasheet from the Website now!

TxB Datasheet

The Programming Cable C1168A

Remember this is a special cable with isolation to protect your PC from the Plant. Isolation prevents floating voltages often present from damaging your PC serial port.

No 24V dc supply available for my TxB?

Try using it with the PAF PSU unit Model No. C2440A 85-264Vac input 24Vdc output. The PAF can power 4 TxBs.

To get the datasheet click below:

PAF Datasheet

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