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2004-06-14 00:00:00


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Where are Conlogs Fixed?
Ian Loudon

A simple question which is answered “ At Omniflex of course”!

After Conlog Industrial Division became Omniflex early in 1997 the name Brand Name Conlog ceased to be used on Product manufactured by Omniflex. However all of those products manufactured and branded with the Conlog name prior to April of 1997 were and still are supported and serviced by Omniflex.  Indeed we are still servicing/refurbishing 25 year old product and returning them to the field for service every week.

Omniflex continues to manufacture many of these products under the Omniflex brand and continues to invest in research and development to maintain its state-of-the-art technology. Obviously technology changes as we strive to improve our product offering but we maintain foremost in our development strategy the upgrade path for our loyal customers worldwide. We also keep our installed base running by supporting them with repair and refurbishment services including product made long since superceded by new products using the advancing technology.


Omniflex Repair Facility

Omniflex Customer services offers :

  • 7 Day Turnaround on repairs
  • Repair on all Conlog Legacy Product
  • Free Quotation on repairs
  • Factory Calibration Facility
  • Product Refurbishment
  • Customer Product Technical Support Hot Line (Telephonic and Internet Based)


Phone +27 31 2077466

What can I do with a TxB?

The Omniterm B series product the TXB universal transmitter is so versatile we felt it was important to review what it can do, as many features go unnoticed amongst so many options.

Signal Inputs


Any Thermocouple or RTD (2,3,or 4 Wire). If you have a strange one let us know and we will add it.

Thermistor inputs both negative and positive temperature coefficient.

Millivolts/Voltage Inputs from 1mV span up to 60V.

Milli-amps from 0.2mA span up to 25mA

Potentiometer Inputs from 1k to 10kOhms

Signal Outputs

User range-able spans or voltage and current

Bi-polar voltage or current Outputs to a maximum –10 to+10V or mA

Pulse outputs – Linear Integration up to 10000 pulses per hour


Other Signal Conditioning Applications

Flow Linearizer with or without Square Root

Signal Inverter i.e. 4-20mA represents 20-4mA. Very useful for reverse action control.

Electrical Power Integrator : Take the Analogue output representing energy consumption can be integrated to drive a pulse counter

Flow Integrator : Take the Analogue output from  flow meter and integrate it to drive a counter

Tank Level Linearization. Using  the Analogue signal from a level transmitter the output can represent volume by linearizing the signal for the tank profile

Optical Pyrometer Linearizer Analogue signals from Pyrometers can be linearized for temperature.

Control outputs with Bi-polar signals - centre zero Manipulation of analogue signals for legacy control systems or for actuator controls.

Control Output for a dosing curve.


With all of this offered standard on a single unit its easy to see why some features are easily missed.

MaxiLog - A Maxiflex Data Logging Application.

MaxiLog is a logging application for Maxiflex T2 CPUs which can be configured to log 72 Analogue inputs(TC, RTD or Voltage mA) from as short as a 1 second time interval up to 65000 sec interval. The logged data is stored on one or more Maxiflex Memory Modules each with a 1 megabyte capacity. The stored data can be retrieved via the CPU serial port in CSV file format.  The file can thus be imported to Excel Spreadsheet for example and graphical analysis done.

Although ideally suited to capturing Analogue profiles when trouble shooting plant processes Maxilog can be used for many other applications where analogue signals need to be reviewed relative to time.

Last Month:

Last month we talked about several important topics including:

  • Where are Conlogs Fixed?
  • What can I do with a TxB?
  • MaxiLog - A Maxiflex Data Logging Application.

If you missed these or other key discussions,
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Did you know?


All Conlog Industrial Division products are supported by Omniflex


That some of our oldest products are still in service having been delivered in the mid 1970’s.


Omniflex supports roughly 3700 different product line items manufactured over 35 Years.


The Conet Local Area Network was introduced into industry before any of the current Fieldbus Networks. 1982


The largest Conet Network in a plant comprises nearly 70km of cable.



TxB Solutions


Temperature Transmitter

Potentiometer Signal Conditioner

Flow Linearizer

Signal Inverter

Electrical Power Integrator

Flow Integration

Tank Level Linearization

Optical Pyrometer Linearizer

Control outputs with Bipolar signals - centre zero

Custom Control Outputs

Instrument re-ranging

Signal Profile Synthesis