High Reliability fibre optic contact transmitter/receiver modules

These latest modules from Omniflex satisfy customer requirements for high integrity, single loop contact repeaters over fibre-optic cable using their latest fibre-optic transmitter and receiver modules.

The Omniflex model C2472 and C2473 DIN rail mount fibre-optic transmitter and receiver enable you to send a single digital contact over a fibre-optic link (volt free input, Form C output) over distances up to 10km.

The units are 10-30Vdc powered and have a high reliability circuit with published MTBF and PFD figures for fail-safe operation.

These modules satisfy the requirements for many applications within the nuclear and commercial environments where a contact needs to be repeated reliably over a fibre optic cable.

In one particular application in the nuclear industry, 64 critical alarm were acquired, together with other data, using a site-wide blown fibre network. A single fibre was used for each channel with up to twelve fibres in each tube. The basic fibres were terminated in "patch" enclosures then ST Patch-fibres were used for the final connections. This approach enabled installation tasks to be logically split and greatly expedited commissioning of the complete system.

LEDs on the front of the fibre-optic transmitters and receivers indicate the presence of power and the status of the input/output, further assisting rapid commissioning. The individual volt-free contact outputs were connected (fail safe) to an Omniflex Omni16C SIL 1 Alarm Annunciator System. Individual repeats were then wired to a Maxiflex Data Acquisition systems for archiving.

For further details on the Omniflex Fibre Optic Transmitters and Receivers please contact Omniflex.

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