Monitor your remote assets any time, anywhere

Omniflex brings a depth of experience and technology to the new field of "M2M" communications with Data2desktop: A data service for monitoring remote assets - wherever you or they may be located.

Data2Desktop is a framework of technologies providing an integrated service to retrieve and present your data plus provide you with control of your assets, wherever you, or wherever they, may be.

Your primary access to your data via Data2Desktop is enabled using standard web browsers available on computers, PDAs and mobile phones, giving you secure and easy access to your information at any time.

After logging in using a unique Username and Password, each user is presented with an overview of all assets in a view you can customise to your individual needs.

The rich suite of tools provided via the web gives complete control of the information you need, from real-time alarms 'pushed' to you in the manner you determine, through to historical data downloaded from the Data2Desktop historical database for your own reporting needs.

You never have to worry about software updates, or upgrades, or large capital outlays.

The Data2Desktop Service is completely scalable to suit the size of your operation, even as you grow, saving you the administrative overhead associated with keeping your system up to the very latest release - instantly.

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