Alarm Windows improve safety and operator reaction time

It is now an recognised fact that traditional window alarm fascias provide the fastest means of critical alarm notification to operators when facing avalanche alarm conditions.

Omniflex are the experts in alarm and event management systems and manufacture a wide range of alarm displays to suit all types of application. The most popular range of displays are the Omni16C Remote Displays and Omni-X series custom displays.

The Omni-x Remote Displays provide from 8 to 144 points of annunciator display in a stand-alone panel-mount package and can be easily connected to remote alarm logic such as the Omni16C RLU series for safety critical alarms, or connect to your PLC or SCADA computer for an operator friendly display of essential alarm information.

When combining these displays with the Maxilarm Distributed Alarm Annunciator system , they allow multicore cable connection thus reducing the cost of engineering and wiring. If you are designing a complete distributed alarm management system then this feature alone will significantly reduce the overall cost of a system.

Reliability is also increased because the in-built alarm functionality in the Maxilarm system removes the need for PLC programming of the alarm function, significantly reducing the risk of undetected failures through software errors, and significantly increasing the performance of the system, by removing the burden of alarm handling from the PLC program. 

Both the Omni16C and the Omni-x Remote LED displays are equipped with dual redundant solid-state LED boards to ensure the most reliable window display available. Control pushbuttons and audible warning device can also be incorporated into the Omni-x display fascia.

For further information on the dual redundant LED alarm window displays and the Maxilarm distributed alarm management system contact Omniflex.

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