Distributed alarm and event management System timstamps events to sub 1 millisecond

The Maxilarm Alarm and Event Management System offers features such as sub-millisecond time stamping at source, integrated analogue logging and remote alarm fascias all to meet EEMUA 191 guidelines.

The Maxilarm system provides a highly dependable layer of plant protection and early diagnostics of fault transients in real time. The advantage of the Maxilarm Distributed Alarm Annunciator system is that it is based on the field proven state of the art Maxiflex Programmable Automation Controller.

Unlike regular PLCs the Maxilarm system is optimised to its core for handling more complex communications tasks and analogue I/O functions.

A range of purpose designed CPUs, including dual redundancy CPUs, optimise the demanding functions of queuing fast events and handling synchronised flashing of large numbers of alarm fascias.

An effective alarm and event managements system has to have the ability to handle avalanche conditions without losing events or track of time therefore at the heart of the Maxilarm system there is an advance SOE module that scans the I/O at 200 microsecond intervals (the fastest SER function in the Industry) whilst providing front-end event filtering and queuing, removing the possibility of the main processor becoming overloaded in avalanche conditions.

It is a well-known fact that system software is difficult to qualify. Each Maxilarm node is pre-set with full alarm annunciator functions including your choice of any 27 alarm sequences, compliant with ISA-18.1, ISA SP18.02 and EEMUA 191. By incorporating a full function well proven alarm annunciator, no software programming is required to configure the Maxilarm alarm and event functions, thus increasing the reliability and safety of these systems above bespoke programmable systems.

The Maxilarm Systems can be connected with supervisory computers over Ethernet but where there may be situations where laying the dedicated network cabling is impossible or too costly, Omniflex offers the Conet industrial networking alternative. Conet has been developed as a rugged, secure industrial grade network that will operate on existing plant cabling and operates at 62.5Kbits per second. It has been proven over distances of up to 10Km, establishing its reputation as the worlds most rugged Network.

The Maxilarm system is fully expandable. Up to 126 distributed alarm nodes can be accommodated in a single system with up to 240 alarm windows per node. For further information on distributed alarm and event management systems, please contact Omniflex.

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