Omniflex keeps an eye on critical power supply system

Omniflex has been asked to provide an early-warning monitoring system to monitor the health of remote but critical power supplies - the scheme was based upon Omniflex' Teleterm M2S RTU.

Omniflex recently completed the project, which provided early warning to its customer of critical interruption to power supply voltages, thereby preventing any potential of environmental discharges.

The Teleterm M2S RTU was installed at a remote location for monitoring the health of critical supply voltages; any detected failures are alarmed and sent via modem over an existing telephone Line to the local annunciator panel at the clients security gatehouse. The M2S RTU product series enable a wide variety of signal types (including I/V, RTD, TC, mV and 4-20mA) to be acquired and distributed along with many communication options including RS-485 (usually Modbus), HART, Ethernet, Fibre-optic, Radio and Conet.

To ensure high availability of the monitoring systems, both the remote and local systems are battery backed for eight hours using Omniflex's Powerterm PSU/battery management system. These compact Din Rail mount units provide the complete solution for small 12/24Vdc systems that require battery back-up including RTU's, data loggers and remote field instrumentation.

The system was further backed up by using Omniflex's Silent Sentry Alarm Monitor, which sends SMS text alarm messages to a number of operator's mobile phones.

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