Complete solution for Building/Facilities Management

Building/ Facilities management systems have come a long way since their introduction in the early 1970s.

Modern systems cost less, are faster, more reliable and offer more features.  They can be installed in buildings or facilities of all sizes and types, making them practically an essential requirement to the successful management of operating costs.

Building/ Facilities management systems provide automatic monitoring and control of services such as lighting, plumbing, fire services, security, environmental monitoring, heating and air conditioning systems. The system uses sensors, controls and activators and requires the necessary I/O devices to interface to the sensor and then via a suitable network transport this data to a central logging and display system and in many cases the ability to monitor and even control this data remotely, which is not usually limited geographically.

A big driver for these BMS/ FMS systems has been energy conservation and building services where the system plays a vital role in the prevention of energy waste and reducing the environmental impact of the building as well as ensuring the utility usage is carefully monitored, controlled and automatically invoiced where applicable. 

Omniflex’s range of D2D (Data2Desktop) Teleterm M2 products provides this type of monitoring and control capability, where the user can select the input or output type for either monitoring and control, which can then be connected directly to the sensor or activator. The Teleterm M2 range has many different network interfaces such as Ethernet Modbus/TCP, Modbus RS485, Radio and GSM/GPRS, which then enables the data to be graphically displayed and logged locally on a PC in the Building or Facility as well as via the Web from anywhere in the world. The system also has an SMS capability enabling a selection of alarms or analogue values to be sent to  mobile phones to notify Building/ Facility managers or maintenance staff of out of limit conditions. Maintenance staff are given the ability to  control the RTU outputs using SMS text messages from mobile phones.

The Teleterm M2 product also has a local SD memory card fitted to provide local data logging so that in the event of a loss of the network important data is not lost. The system also acts as a standalone controller therefore if the network is lost the Teleterm M2 will carry on providing local monitoring and safe control if necessary.          

Omniflex has the capability to integrate complete BMS/ FMS monitoring and control solutions from initial functional design to installation, commissioning, training and future maintenance and support.


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