Current loop Isolator reduces system inaccuracies

The OMNITERM LPI is a Loop Powered Isolator designed to isolate instrument current loops from circulating ground currents that can cause system inaccuracies, or at worst, instrument failure

The LPI can be Inserted in any 4-20mA current loop to isolate the instruments in the loop.  The current applied to the input is repeated on the isolated output, and the load present on the output is reflected back to the input. No separate power source is required.
This second-generation product utilises advanced electronic techniques to achieve high accuracy with minimum loop losses and zero field calibration (lowest volt drop <3 Volts at 20mA).
The LPI also has a unique internal clamp, which, when connected, ensures that the current loop is not broken if the load is disconnected, such as unplugging the input terminations of a PLC or RTU
The LPI and LPD (Dual Loop powered Isolator) operate over 0-50mA range, allowing fault current levels to be repeated. In some applications there is a need to convert the 4-20mA into 1-5Volts for an RTU, PLC or DCS etc. This is normally inconvenient because the precision resistor needs to be sourced, mounted and wired independently without causing loop errors. To overcome this obstacle, the LPI version also includes a precision 250ohm resistor that can be connected into the circuit to convert the output into 1-5V within the module.
Typical Applications for use of the Omniterm LPI
Isolating Instruments in the same current Loop
Preventing ground loops and eliminate loop errors
Isolating RTU's, PLC's, SCADA I/O from the field Loop
Isolating two-wire transmitter loops from local 24Volts
Isolating grounded chart recorders from the field loop
Isolating grounded control valves from the transmitter
Isolating and converting two wire field devices to 1-5V
The Omniterm LPI is packaged in a compact 22.5mm wide x 75mm high housing suitable for DIN rail or surface mounting and requires zero field calibration.
For further information on the LPI module including application/wiring diagrams, price and availability please contact Omniflex UK.

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