Customisation service for Alarm Annunciator systems

OMNIFLEX, the trusted name in Alarm annunciation offer a customisation service for Alarm Annunciator systems based around the the state-of-the-art technology used in the SIL assessed Omni range of Alarm annunciators.

Omniflex have been designing and manufacturing Alarm Annunciator systems since 1965.  More than three decades of experience has resulted in a complete range of  highly reliable Alarm annunciator solutions for managing abnormal and critical events in industrial processes. This proven annunciator technology is currently relied upon every hour of every day by major corporations around the world. 
This custom design and build service from Omniflex now allows annunciators to be designed to  meet  customer specific requirements.  Whether  it is  4 points or 4000 points Omniflex can design and build custom alarm annunciator systems to suit customers requirements for, 'one off' projects or prototypes for proposed production items.      If one of Omniflex's off-the-shelf annunciators don't meet the clients specific needs then design engineers are available to discuss each individual application with the client and re-package our annunciator technology into a design to suit their needs.
The advanced annunciator technology used in these  custom built annunciator systems has been independently assessed for use in SIL applications both by TUV and Evaluation International and has also been assessed by Sellafield Limited as part of their EMPHASIS project to satisfy the NII for the product to be used in SIL1 applications throughout the Nuclear Industry.
Omniflex's flexible approach to Alarm annunciator systems ensures adding this critical piece of safety related equipment to you alarm monitoring system or replacing old or obsolete alarm annunciator systems is hassle free.   Whether it be 4 points or 4000 points, wall mountable or rack mountable,  wired to terminals or LMF circular plugs and sockets, Omniflex can provide the Annunciator system that fits the bill.

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