Easy solution to a Powerful HMI.

OMNIFLEX, the trusted name in Automation have introduced the EasyView 500 Series and 8000 series of HMI screens to their process control and alarm management product range.

The EasyView 500 Series is ideally suited for cost effective operator interface applications with the 8000 series designed for the more advanced operator interface applications.  Both ranges are designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

This powerful family of graphics panels connect to PLC's, RTU's and other intelligent instruments to provide a state-of-the-art local operator Interface (OIT) or more commonly known, Human Machine Interface (HMI).  Easyview series has the fastest RISC processor used in any HMI Touch screen on the market ensuring even the most complex  graphics can be called up in a snap.

Using HMI screens has never been easier. The EasyBuilder 500 graphics software package included, ensures applications can easily be built and tested before downloading to the EasyView HMI panel. The Powerful online and off-line simulation provides the fastest possible development time.

The 500 series offers 4.3inch up to 10 inch screen sizes (256 colours), with varying features such as real-time clock, RS232 and RS485 ports. The 8000 series offers 5.6 inch up to 15 inch screen sizes (65536 colours), with varying features such as real-time clock, RS232/RS485 ports, Ethernet Port, USB Port, sound output and compact flash card slot.
All HMI's in the range feature high-brightness colour TFT screens with high resolution touch screen interface and IP65 front-panel protection.

The TFT displays utilise the latest screen technology with an ultra wide viewing angle, providing high quality vivid displays, superior clarity and long life.  Having high resolution analogue resistive touch screens allows for versatile placement of interactive screen objects without concern for restricted grid placement.  Objects and windows can be overlaid dynamically to perform multiple functions in real time.

Easyview supports a very wide range of serial protocols allowing connectivity to most PLC's on the market today including Emerson, Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen Bradley, Siemens and Omniflex's own Maxiflex PLC/RTU system, plus many other intelligent instruments.  Some models in the range include an auxiliary serial port for connecting more than one PLC type, perfect for monitoring multiple PLC's.  The EasyView 500 HMI's can also be linked in a Master/Slave configuration for multiple operator interfaces from a single PLC link.

With the Easyview series, choosing and using a HMI Touchscreen has never been easier!

Whether you are looking for a compact cost effective Operator Interface or an advanced operator interface, utilising the fastest RISC processor on the market, the Easyview HMI from Omniflex has it all

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