Integrated External Data Logger for ABB Magmaster Flowmeters

An online data logging solution is now available for the ABB MagMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter called TELETERM OMNILOG2.

The ABB MagMaster flow meters offer a high accuracy of 0.15% and a wide turndown of 1500:1, enabling users to achieve improved control and quality of water distribution networks and water treatment works. 

The Omniflex TELETERM Data Logging system communicates directly with the Magmaster transmitter and uploads the variables, Flows/totals/alarms/diagnostics and stores the values on two log files. The data is verified and does not require the reading of pulses or analog signals. The data is also considered to be used as "audited" due to the flowmeters being calibration verified with ABB's calmaster. CalMaster is a routine calibration verification to comply with regulatory requirements and can be achieved without removing the sensor from service.

The Omniflex Teleterm state-of-the-art monitoring and logging system is designed to enable you to communicate with a wide range of devices using any of a number of networking means including frequency hopping radio, existing plant cabling, Ethernet, GSM, or CDMA connectivity. This provides management and control over very wide areas and is suitable for all applications found in the water industry from potable to waste management and water treatment.

Communications options include

    Magmaster to Serial Modbus.
    Magmaster to Ethernet TCP/IP.
    Magmaster to Conet up to 10 km.
    Magmaster to Radio 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.
    Magmaster to GSM.
    Magmaster to CDMA.
    Magmaster to DeskTop or SCADA OPC.
    Magmaster to SMS alarm

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