Planned Maintenance Routines Ensure High Availability of Clients Assets.

Omniflex UK Ltd through our comprehensive planned maintenance and inspection service, help ensure our clients assets are available for 24/7 operation.

In support of our full product range, including SIL1 Alarm Annunciator Systems, Maxiflex PLC I/O Systems and Software Integration Services, Omniflex are seeing an increase in demand for a comprehensive maintenance and support service, which includes:

*Unlimited telephone/ email support.
*Call out support tailored to the clients requirements.
*Regular planned maintenance and inspection visit.
*Obsolescence reporting and spares holding.

Omniflex's portfolio of “blue chip” clients, operate in sectors including, Nuclear, Power Generation, Chemical, and Health Care.

Using a systematic approach to understand how equipment fails and what maintenance tasks can be done to minimize failures and maximize reliability, Omniflex ensure only relevant maintenance tasks are performed and provide justification for eliminating unnecessary Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities.

If you would like advice on or are looking at the option of a maintenance support contract please contact us today.

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