Reliable Remote Monitoring of Medical Incubators and Refrigerators

Omniflex provide the ultimate solution for remote monitoring of temperatures and humidity of fridge freezer compartments, Liquid Nitrogen containers and incubators for medical clinic facilities.

Omniflex have been supplying electronic systems for Alarm and remote monitoring applications for many years and now how reliable these systems need to be and how important and useful the information is to the client.  More than 4 decades of experience in innovating products and systems such as these have resulted in a refined range of solutions for managing abnormal and critical events.  These proven solutions are being relied upon every hour of every day by major corporations around the world.  Infact whether it be Gas or Electricity sub-meter monitoring (AMR), Radiation monitoring, Fridge freezer monitoring or Wind farm monitoring etc Omniflex can provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions.

Medical Refrigerator and Freezer Remote Monitoring solutions can be supplied for small clinical facilities with a handful of Freezers up to very large Clinical facilities with Refrigerators, Incubators and Liquid Nitrogen containers. These systems include local and/or web based datalogging of temperatures/humidity and power failures etc along with the immediate notification of out of limit temperatures, provided on SIL 1 rated Omni16 Alarm Panels and by SMS messages and email for alerting staff.

A typical system includes an Omniflex M2G remote terminal unit located at the clinic to be monitored.  These are usually provided in wall mountable enclosures. The systems include battery back-up Power Supply so that the Monitoring system will function independently of local power source. Therefore if a power failure occurs, the system will still be able to report the status of the temperatures and it will also report a power failure, ensuring that action can be taken by personnel.  When out of limit temperature situations occur, designated mobile phones and email accounts of personnel are sent text messages or emailed with the alarm messages.  An acknowledgement of this message is required from the recipient/s or the message is escalated to another designated mobile phone or email account. This continue until the alarm is acknowledged.  This ensures the alarm is never missed!

When logging the temperatures and alarms to a dedicated password protected web page on the Omniflex Data Centre using the Omniflex M2G RTU's and Data to Desktop package, the designated personnel can access the web page to review the status of the system. This Data is maintained on the web page and the history of events and can be reviewed by the users.  This provides user who have been assigned passwords to view the information any time anywhere from an Internet enabled mobile phone or PC with internet access. Reports can also be automatically generated for example on a monthly basis summarising deviations from acceptable limits and emailed to designated users each month.

Whether it's four refrigerators or four thousand refrigerators, Omniflex can provide a solution. Hallmarks of these remote monitoring solutions are reliability, flexibility and ease of use, which synergies to become your trusted eyes and ears, performing 24 hours a day
collecting data, analysing and providing the appropriate warnings to personnel.

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