Replacement for Robinson Alarm Logic Unit

Omniflex have released a 24 way IEC61508 SIL 1 Alarm Annunciator, which can be used to replace the now obsolete Robinson Alarm logic Units.

These Old Robinson ALU units, many of which are in operation but are no longer supported can now be replaced with minimal disruption and cost.

Lack of support for the Robinson ALU  has been causing problems for engineers and operators for some time including the issue of obsolescence.  Omniflex have now used their well proven Omni16 / Omni 8 Remote alarm Logic technology, which has been proven in use for many years and re-packaged it to provide an almost direct replacement for the old Robinsons Alarm Logic units.

These replacement systems have already been installed in a number of Power station applications in the UK and are proving very popular due to the the ease of installation, reliability and costs savings whilst at the same time bringing the alarm system up to date with the latest technologies.

Omniflex have designed them such that there is minimal disruption to the existing field wiring and cable infrastructure.  This  provides the benefit of a fast changeover, low risk and the least disruption possible to the existing operations as well as very few changes to the existing drawings.

The other main benefit for the client is that Omniflex provide continued support for their customers investments. All Omniflex Alarm Annunciators manufactured over the past 35 years are still supported.

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