SD Card Data-Logger provides cost saving for Remote Pipeline Monitoring

Omniflex are providing solutions to blue chip clients for providing monitoring/logging schemes on remote pipelines, which offer the clients considerable cost savings for cabling infrastructure & site installation.

The M2S range of RTU's with in-built SD card data logger are utilised for monitoring the pipeline.  Many applications on remote pipeline have no existing plant signal cabling available and limited power supply capacity at the monitoring points.  Omniflex provide M2S SD card data loggers, which monitor flow, temperature and pressure at critical locations along the pipeline. Logging is initiated on a high rate of change of flow within the pipeline or a digital event and is maintained for a customer definable length of time. Logging capacity is in excess of 200 days worth of data, which is simply recoverable by swapping out periodically the SD card that is in use, with a blank card. The removed card can then be easily read on a Laptop which display’s time stamped digital data and trending of the analogue signals.

The M2S solution provides an economical method of providing four monitoring locations along the pipeline, with each location having up to 12 analogue or digital signals with time stamped data.

The M2S RTU has Up to 12 analogue/digital input or outputs can be monitored and /or logged to SD card for offline recording and interrogation.  It has an  Integrated real time clock with battery backup and comes in a compact DIN rail mounting package, ideal for tight spaces.   The M2 Series is available with radio, CONET industrial LAN, GSM/GPRS, CDMA or Ethernet communications ports to suit your application and easily configurable by the user.

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