Signal Conditioner replaces Obsolete Stepper Motor Drive Modules

Omniflex's replacement signal conditioner for the obsolete Bailey Series 3 Stepper Motor Modules, "steps" up to the plate for power station control loop obsolescence problems.

Many Power Stations suffer from legacy and difficult to maintain control systems so Omniflex have engineered a signal conditioning module to replace the obsolete Bailey 3 Series Stepper Motor Drive modules, for valve actuator positioning.

Boiler Control Systems demand high accuracy and properly tuned control loops for steam, water and pressure control, thereby allowing the efficient running of the Power Station boiler control systems. Many of the conventional Power Stations depend upon legacy control equipment which often has to be repaired down to component level, making high maintenance costs, with increase risk to operating plant availability.

Omniflex's TFX signal conditioner accepts directly the raise/lower signals from the existing operator hand/auto control station.  The TFX module either increases or decreases its 4-20mA output and by utilising a current to pressure converter, the control valve is then opened or closed under PID control.

Benefits of the Pulse Monitor TFX

1. It can easily fitted into the existing control system.

2. Output is proportional to the remaining stroke of the valve I.e the TFX module remembers its last position and calculates the remaining stroke time, to open or close the valve from its current position.

3. It is easily configurable for different valve stroke time's I.e 5s, 10s, 15s and 20s.

Solving power station control loop obsolescence problems is no longer an issue with the Omniterm TFX module.


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