Latest Technology Provides Energy Cost Savings of up to 30%

Omnergy - Technology to save Energy

Manufacturers are scrambling for relief from today’s rising energy prices and pollution taxes. Often this effort is focused on ensuring the lowest prices rather than looking to manage for optimum use of the energy. Apart from the social responsibility, this increased efficiency translates directly to the bottom line. Real Case studies have shown savings in the range of 10 - 30% when energy is actively managed.

Omniflex have been providing systems for energy management since the 1980’s with load shedding for specialised billing tariffs, profiling, plant condition monitoring, peak lopping, remote monitoring and real-time alarming. An investment in solutions that carry such a large responsibility requires confidence in our track record, and the continued expansion of some of the world’s giant industries using OMNIFLEX technologies, is sufficient testimony to this support.

The growth in the world’s human population and advances in lifestyle have brought with it enormous pressure on the resources of our planet. At current trends, world energy consumption is set to rise by a further 70% in the next 20 years. It is incumbent upon every enterprise to adopt a responsible approach to the conservation of energy and progress toward a more sustainable existence.

Apart from obvious social benefits to society, increases in energy efficiency lead to significant cost reductions that provide an immediate payback. There is an increasing amount of legislation to manage and reduce energy consumption. New international standards such as ISO 50001 are in development that will provide a framework to manage energy. Companies will be judged on their ability to meet these energy management standards. Demonstrating compliance and corporate responsibility can be a competitive advantage in marketing your products and services.

Effective energy management is mostly about HOW energy is managed. Energy must be managed by operational staff like any other valuable input. Timely Information must be available to facilitate this active energy management, to prevent waste before it occurs. Fundamental to any control is the ability to measure. Knowing where your energy is being consumed is the first step. Once you know where your energy is being utilised you can analyse the information and manage this consumption, and eliminate waste. Managing your consumption to increase efficiency allows you to save wasted energy and increase profitability.
Omniflex has developed technology to allow remote metering, aggregation and analysis of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (“WAGES”) and integrated these technologies into a package that is easy use called Omnergy.

Omnergy is a web enabled service that integrates through Omniflex remote gateway products with your existing metering infrastructure to create a user friendly management tool for energy management and control. The result is that consumption patterns and cost information can be delivered across the enterprise allowing the reduction of energy consumption and an increase in profitability and sustainability.

Effective measurement of energy requires real-time profiling of usage over consumption periods to enable analysis. This requires automated meter reading over the enterprise and aggregation of the data from each utility for presentation and analysis at the point of control. Remote meter reading over industrial sites and commercial buildings can be a challenge. In many cases, existing metering infrastructure is in place that requires interfacing. The geographic spread of metering infrastructure to be managed from potentially multiple locations makes a web based solution ideal. Omnergy, as a web enabled service, provides an end-to-end solution for energy management, working in conjunction with your existing metering infrastructure, to provide historical data storage, visualisation and control for building owners, operators and tenants alike. Using any web browser, energy consumption patterns and historical data are accessible to authorised users, providing alarms and reports to optimise consumption and apportion costs.

Omniflex have years of experience in industrial networking, remote monitoring and energy management, utilising a variety of the latest communications solutions including mesh radio networking, local area networking and GPRS (mobile phone) communications to acquire utility metering data and communicate readings to the point of control.
We combine our extensive in-house industrial measurement, control, communications and energy management expertise and experience with partnerships from the telecommunications and IT sectors to bring you a complete end-to-end solution for energy monitoring and control. By providing timely information about your consumption and usage patterns, Omniflex assists you to prevent wastage and uncover savings.

Because Omnergy is a service, capital costs are reduced to a minimum and energy management costs can be paid for directly out of savings!

A partnership with OMNIFLEX in the implementation of an Energy Management solution can create lasting benefits for your organisation. Talk to us today!

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