Omniflex extends annunciator range

Emphasis approved alarm annunciator range expanded for the nuclear industry meeting requirements of UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate


1 September 2011

Safety is of paramount concern in the nuclear industry. In accordance with the requirements of the UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, every nuclear site licensee in the UK must justify its safety case in order to operate in the UK. This involves substantiating the safety certification of each instrument involved.
With the increasing reliance on ‘Smart’ instruments in safety systems, the problem of substantiating the software in these instruments has been a concern of the NII for a number of years. To this end, the Emphasis tool was developed to assist nuclear site operators to achieve a common level of substantiation whilst eliminating duplication of effort.
Key components in nuclear safety systems are the alarm annunciators, considered vital tools in modern safety systems because they provide an additional layer of protection in the safety strategy on the plant.
The Omni8/16C range has been the alarm annunciator of choice at Sellafield and a number of other major UK nuclear facilities for many years and was one of the first to be assessed by Emphasis.
Due to the success of the Omni8/16C and in order to utilise all of the features available within the product it was decided to expand the range covered by Emphasis. All of the annunciators within the Omniflex range that have been assessed use the exact same technology and firmware version as used in the Omni8/16C. This has allowed Omniflex to repackage the boards into custom built housings and offer direct replacement annunciators for older third party devices.
Additional features of the Omniflex range have also been approved, allowing for the addition of serial interface boards (for repeating of alarms typically into scada or DCS) and soft-set mode, used for more advanced alarm functionality, providing total flexibility in configuration.

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