SMART Instruments EMPHASIS Assessed for UK Nuclear Industry

With increasing reliance on "SMART" instruments in safety systems throughout the UK Nuclear Industry, we are pleased to announce the Omniterm range of "SMART" Instruments have now been substantiated by EHMPASIS for use in the UK Nuclear Industry.

The Omniterm range now joins the complete Omniflex alarm annunciator range to have undergone EMPHASIS assessment for use in the UK nuclear industry.

Emphasis is an assessment program that was established after extensive research by the Control & Instrumentation Nuclear Industry Forum and was originally intended as a set of written guidelines but soon evolved into a software tool for assessment of SMART instruments for the UK nuclear industry.

The Omniterm range of SMART Signal Transmitters include:-

  • Universal 4 Wire Tranmsitters
  • Temperature Input Transmitters
  • Current/Voltage Transmitters
  • Frequency Input Tranmsitters
  • Universal Input Alarm Trip Relay
  • Universal Input Alarm Trip Relay with re-transmit
  • Frequency Input Alarm Trip Relay
  • Frequency Input Alarm Trip Relay with re-transmit
  • Maths Computation units

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