Revolutionary NEW Design Simplifies the Process of Radiation Monitoring

The Omniflex Radiological Protection Gateway (RPN1) is a revolutionary new product, based on well proven technology, that simplifies the process of gathering data from Lab Impex and Canberra Radiation Monitors

By combining all of the required features in a standard COTS (Commercially Off-The-Shelf) product, the Teleterm RPN1 provides trouble free installation and set-up. Within a matter of minutes the data from your Radiation Monitors can be readable on your Radiological Surveillance SCADA System.

The Teleterm RPN1 gateways simply connect together on an intelligently designed Redundant Fibre+Power ring network, using 'Link In' and 'Link Out' connectors on the top of the units (cables are supplied in standard lengths),  providing quick and easy installation with minimum disturbance to other RPN1 gateways on the network. A single RPN1 can be connected to multiple Radiation Monitors via RS485 and is also capable of providing power to the local monitor, completely simplifying the process of radiation monitoring.

  • Enables RS485 equipped Radiation Monitors to be easily connected to SCADA

  • Pre-process monitor data ready for transmission to SCADA

  • RS485 Serial Interface to Lab Impex and Canberra Monitors

  • Connects on a combined AC Power and Ethernet Fibre Optic Ring Network

  • Redundant Network with Self-healing Ethernet ring topology

Download the RPN1 datasheet today.

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