Webb Dock Melbourne gets Extensive Cathodic Protection Upgrade

Webb Dock Shipping Port, Melbourne, Australia

Cathodic Protection with Remote Monitoring & Control

With an excellent track record in providing flexible and innovative remote monitoring systems, Omniflex have won the tender to replace an extensive Cathodic Protection system at Webb Dock Australia with a Powerview CP remote monitoring and control system. Webb Dock is a container shipping port facility at Fisherman's Bend in the port of Melbourne (the largest container and Cargo port in Australia) with facilities for handling motor vehicle import and export and break bulk commodities.

The Powerview CP System comprises of 252 IP68 Stainless Steel enclosures with 768 Controllable Zones and provides complete remote monitoring and control of the Cathodic Protection system for the 700 metre long wharf. The new system will reduce the need for divers to regularly visit and inspect the system, significantly reducing downtime and labour costs.

For more information on Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems and how a Powerview CP System can cut down on your maintenance costs click here.

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