Omniflex Provides Ultimate in Monitoring & Control


  • 8 Universal inputs/outputs

  • Dual Modbus Serial Port

  • Ethernet Port

  • IEC61131 PLC Programmability

  • Monitoring and Control via Web browser

  • SD card slot for local data logging

  • Built-in 4 hour Battery Backup

  • microLan sensor bus

  • IoT (Internet of Things) ready

Whether you are looking to measure, monitor and manage your plant data/alarms or have complete remote control of your processes from across the site, country or globe, the Teleterm D3G programmable RTU provides the ultimate, cost effective platform to achieve your goals.

The Teleterm D3G RTU is available off-the-shelf, equipped with all that you'll need, including 8 Universal inputs/outputs, ISaGRAF IEC61131 PLC programmability for any control applications, a microLAN sensor bus to directly access temperature and humidity sensors and a whole host of Communications options including GSM/GPRS incorporating the Data2Desktop web based monitoring service. These days web based monitoring is the most convenient and affordable method available for remote monitoring. Because these systems use web browsers, there's no need to purchase additional computer hardware or expensive software licenses, most of the time you already have all the computer hardware and software you need!

Learn the full technical datasheet on D3G RTU and find out more on how the Data2Desktop web based monitoring service can save money and improve your business.


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