Wireless Control of pumps using Teleterm M3 RTUs



The ability to control a pump remotely over a long distance is now available using Teleterm M3 Radio RTUs.

The system comprises two Teleterm M3 Radio RTUs each housed in a weatherproof housing with a built-in PSU; one housing at the (local) remote control end with all the I/O dedicated to control inputs and pump feedback statuses and another at the pump (remote) side with all the I/O dedicated to control outputs and pump feedback inputs. The built-in radio allows up to 20 km line of sight between the two sets of controls. This allows easy plug and play with only the wiring of the power supply and the control circuits required. An optional HMI can be provided to do the control of the pump and to indicate statuses. The on-board Ethernet port also allows connection to an existing Scada system thus saving on additional hardware.

A communications link indication is provided to show the system is up and running.

Even the speed of the pump can be controlled as the unit includes both a 4-20mA input and a 4-20mA output!

The low power consumption of the system makes it suitable for use in a solar powered option if required and a battery can be included in the event of a mains power failure.


  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Distance up to 20 km wirelessly
  • Low Power Operation
  • Alarm Logging option on the Teleterm M3
  • Easy installation

These benefits make it ideally suited for any remote control pump operation.

Please click here to download the Application Note


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