Omniflex Nuclear Monitoring Capability Grows from Strength to Strength

One of the industries Omniflex has been heavily involved in is the monitoring of Nuclear Power Stations. This has been a 30 year long standing relationship that continues to power ahead.

Emphasis assessments successfully carried out on many Omniflex products over the years

Nominatations and Awards for Innovation received from UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Since the early 1980s Omniflex has designed and delivered hundreds of products and systems to the Nuclear Industry world-wide.  Throughout these years, we are proud to have formed very close partnerships with not only the end users but also the Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, developing substantiated products and systems to meet the following applications:-

If you have any applications you would like to discuss, please contact our sales department from our online sales enquiry form. Further details on the above products and systems can be found on this website by clicking on the above links.

As published on the South African Instrumentation & Control website.

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