Modbus Interface for Omni-16 Alarm Annunciators

Omniflex launches range of interfaces for existing Omni16 annunciators

Omniflex has released a range of DIN rail mounted interface modules that enables Omni-16 alarm annunciators as well as other assorted digital I/O to be connected directly to any PLC, DCS or SCADA through the Modbus Interface. The Modbus interface may be used on any Omn-16 as it simply plugs into the existing lamp or repeat repeat output connector using a ribbon cable. The module effectively turns the Omni-16 into a Modbus Slave device that can be read/written from any Master Device, including a SCADA system. The Modbus Interface Modules have a single DIP switch used to set the address, the mode (RTU or ASCII), the baud rate and parity. Using the modules in RS485 mode, enables a mixture of up to 32 Omni-16s and other general purpose digital inputs and outputs totalling 512 channels to be interfaced to a single Master Modbus equipped serial port. Each Modbus module also provides full 1500Vrms isolation on the serial port for industrial strength communications in noisy environments. A single 16-bit register in each module is used to hold the data and a separate 24Vdc power supply is required for the modules. All modules have LED status indicators which indicate healthy/faulty conditions plus send/receive data transmission statuses. The modules support 300, 1200, 9600 and 19200 baud rate transmissions, fast enough for any alarm annunciation or general I/O application.

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