Benefits of PowerView CP 'A' Series Blade T/R's for Steel Structures

Internal cabinet view showing the 'A' series 'Blade' T/Rs

Sheet Steel Pile Wharf with PowerView CP installed

Almost a decade ago Omniflex developed the PowerView CP Cathodic Protection systems bringing the latest "IoT" (Internet of Things) communications  capability to Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).  PowerView CP is now well proven in use and enables complete remote monitoring and control of  ICCP systems.  The key features of the system include having the highest efficiency Transformer/Rectifiers (T/Rs) available on the market, web based remote monitoring, control and testing, and reliable industrial grade hardware designed for long life and easy serviceability.

Unlike traditional AC Mains Transformer Rectifiers, which draw a standing load regardless of the load drawn on the output, the PowerView CP T/R's use more modern switch-mode power supply technology to deliver smoother, more efficient outputs at up to 90% efficiency regardless of the output settings.
The latest 'A' Series 'blade' T/R's are specifically used for high current applications where space and energy efficiency is a concern.  These self-contained T/R's are designed in a vertical blade shape to easily accommodate multiple units in a single enclosure.  The T/R's can be combined in a single panel or distributed down the length of the wharf or bridge and provide a considerable cost  saving on expensive high current field cabling.

Benefits of Powerview CP with 'A' Series Blade T/Rs

  • High Efficiency Transformer Rectifiers reduce Energy bills and provide a greener footprint.
  • Distributed architecture minimizes cabling and reduces installation cost.
  • Full remote control and testing reduces site visits
  • Real-time remote monitoring provides 24/7 assurance of system performance.
  • Compact size reduces space requirements

Reduce the life cycle costs of your steel Cathodic Protection with
Powerview CP

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