Placing Critical Alarms in Hazardous Areas

Local Panels in plants perform vital safety functions. In hazardous locations, local panels must perform the vital safety functions without compromising the integrity of the hazardous area. Annunciators have a primary safety role in local panel design to

Layout of C1480B-EX

Key Features:

  • 16 Potential Free Contact Inputs
  • 27 Standard Alarm sequences
  • DIP Switch or Software Configurable
  • Annunciator supplied with Approved Exic Enclosure
  • Available in 24V Backlit LED version


  • Approved for connection to SIL1 loops
  • Rated Ex ic
  • Various LED Colours available
  • Panel Mount
  • IEC 60079-15/SAN 60079-1


  • Increased Plant Safety
  • High reliability
  • Easy Installation
  • Saves Costs by Alerting Personnel Immediately
  • Avoid Major Catastrophe

Based on our field proven Omni16 Alarm Annunciator range, the Omni16 C1480B-EX annunciator is an intrinsically safe backlit annunciator developed for use in Zone 2 hazardous environments.  The Annunciator accepts 16 Potential Free Inputs & displays a visual warning when a critical alarm is triggered.  Since the annunciator is intrinsically safe, there is no danger of igniting any combustible gas or dust that may be present in the air.

The alarm sequence for the 16 inputs are configured by software or DIP switch with a choice of 27 standard sequences.  Four output relays can be configured as group alarm, horn output and watchdog with a change-over contact at the terminals.  The group alarm can be set to one of four functions, Follows Input, Follows Alarm, Multiple Reflash, Ringback Horn.  The Omni16C can be combined into alarm systems up to 256 points. 

Omni16C 24Vdc C1480B-EX has been certified by SABS as equipment category Ex ic in accordance with international standards IEC60079-0 and IEC60079-15. C1480B-EX is suitable for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 2, gas and dust, Propane to Hydrogen.

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As published on the South African Instrumentation and Control website.

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