New Omni8ยต offers a complete 8 point alarm system in a 48x96mm housing.

OMNIFLEX recently announced the smallest version of its famed "Omni" range of process alarm annunciators. The new Omni8µ (pronounced "micro") is the smallest annunciator in the family. Housed in a 48x96mm DIN panel mount enclosure, the product features 8 backlit LED alarm annunciator windows, four integral pushbuttons, common relay output and a built-in audible device. This tiny self contained unit provides 8 points of alarm annunciation without compromising the features that have made this product range so popular. By providing a range of integral power supply options from 12Vdc to 240Vac, this product is designed to find application in local electrical panels and motor control centres, where it may be easily applied without the need for any other external components. Where users were in the past forced to make up such functions using "shoe-box" PLC's wired to separate indicator lights, this product offers superior performance at a reduced cost, without the hidden engineering and maintenance overhead. The product accepts 8 potential free contact inputs and provides a single control relay contact out which may be used to drive an external audible device or remote alarm indicator. The unit's 30 alarm sequences and four relay functions, as well as normally open/closed input contact selection are all simply set by means of switches on the side of the unit, making this product easily configurable by electrical technicians without electronics or programming knowledge. Alarm window engraving is done using a conventional laser or inkjet printer for maximum flexibility without the additional cost of conventional window engraving.

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