Tank level monitoring using Hart data acquisition

Omniflex has released a Hart Network Interface Module (NIM) for its highly successful Maxiflex 1000 Series Data Acquisition System, allowing the connection of up to 30 Hart enabled devices

This dual Hart port device allows the connection of up to 30 Hart enabled devices to it, making it ideal for the data acquisition environment.
Generally tanks are located some distance away from the monitoring/pump stations out of necessity and running of many current loops back to the monitoring point is expensive.
Using Hart, all the Hart facilities are available to the supervisory system as well as the status of the level.
Maxiflex with its Conet Local Area Network allows distances up to 10 km on a screened twisted pair, a tank farms levels can be collected and transmitted back to the supervisory system on a twisted pair.
Tank farm collection points using a Maxiflex LAN node may also be multi-dropped on the same twisted pair.
Each Maxiflex node may contain 15 Hart NIMs giving a capacity of 450 Hart devices, with a possible 126 Maxiflex Nodes on the twisted pair giving a Conet network capacity of more than 56000 Hart devices.
The Maxiflex Hart NIM differs from other Hart monitoring data acquisition systems in that it does not multiplex the signals.
Each Hart device is constantly on-line to the Hart NIM, thus the speed of data acquisition is much faster.
The Hart NIM also supports bi-direction communication so the supervisory system may execute control outputs or write to the Hart devices.
Maxiflex allows the implementation of complex star and bus topologies which adapts to the particular plant layout requirements.
Multiple Conet Networks on existing plant cable can radiate out from the supervisory center each support as many Maxiflex nodes daisy chained on the same cable as required.
Maxiflex has adopted the philosophy that for data acquisition or telemetry no application program is required.
A simple Windows configuration package (OmniSet) is all that is required to configure the application.
This makes it extremely quick to install and commission with the obvious benefit to the SCADA environment.
Later additions to the system are simple making system expansion very flexible.
Simply adding modules to the field units and reading the data at the SCADA.
Tank farm monitoring of Hart enabled level transmitters.
Maxiflex and Conet enable this application to be easily implemented on existing plant cabling.
The Hart NIMs allow all the Hart data to be accessed by a SCADA or supervisory system offering enhanced capabilities to the plant users for data acquisition, field calibration, system diagnostics.

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