Annunciator spares for obsolete "Rochester UC30"

The Omni30 Annunciator has been designed as a replacement for the obsolete RIS UC30 series products, but is based upon the most advanced, field proven Omniflex Omni16C annunciator technology

The Omni 30 series from Omniflex provides state of the art annunciation to fit exisiting "UC30" installations.
It is 100% compatible with the "RIS UC30" series products and can be added to existing installations.
The physical size and the wiring of the unit is identical to the "RIS UC30" series, making replacement of the UC30 series simple and less costly.
Available in panel mount or 19-inch Rack mount configurations, the Omni30 series annunciator can be fitted with Incandescent lamps or solid state LED displays.
Available in blocks of 4 and 8 way the Alarm system is expandable up to 128 points and has plug-in terminals for easy maintenance.
The Inputs accept potential free contacts and are individually configured for NO or NC operation by a combination of wiring and externally accessible "DIP" switches.
All 27 alarm sequences can also be set externally by "DIP" switches.
Window Legends can be created by the user using a standard laser-jet printer using the software and transparency provided.
An optional Serial Port is available for making the unit Modbus compatible for interfacing into SCADA and DCS.
A brochure is available providing full technical details.

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