Conet OPC Server with date and time stamp handling

Omniflex have just released a Conet OPC server upgrade that handles date and time stamped events from source, to review the chronological sequence of events leading up to an alarm or trip

Omniflex products like SER260 Sequential Events Recorder and Maxiflex PLC/Data Acquistion system have the ability to date and time stamp changes of state as they happen at the input.
This ensures that when you want to review the sequence of events leading up to an alarm or trip you can see what chronological order things occurred in.
Time tagging or stamped change of state at the SCADA often is inaccurate as the Network communications can have delays which makes events appear in a different order.
Also SCADA Polling cycle times affect this as several events may appear to occur at the same time because the SCADA only gets round to poll that controller once every few seconds at best.
Time stamp at source gives you better than 1 millisecond or 10s of millisecond resolution on all your plant events.
The latest OPC Server now handles these events and presents them to the SCADA client for archiving into its database for later analysis.
Don't miss events or be left with inadequate data for your first up alarm or sequence of events analysis.
Now you can timestamp your events down ot 1ms resolution right at the front-end, and remove the latency and errors of the data acquisition process.

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