Three-in-one annunciator sounds the alarm

Alarm annunciator has all the functionality of an annunciator application integrated into a single unit: annunciator, pushbuttons and audible, no other auxiliary devices are required.

The OMNI-8P alarm annunciator is now available from Omniflex.
The P stands for Pushbutton as the Pushbutton station and audible is integrated into the front of the unit.
The Omni8P has all the functionality of an annunciator application integrated into a single unit :- Annunciator, Pushbuttons and Audible, no other auxiliary devices are required.
The Omni8P is a 2 Row by 4 column display with integrated pushbuttons and audible situated below the windows and is the same size as an OMNI16C.
A question you may ask is why do we have an Omni8P if we already manufacutre the Omni8C.
Well firstly the Omni8p gives you a fully integrated completely self contained annunciator i e Pushbuttons and Audible built in, secondly it can be added to any combinations of Omni16c Annunciator to form larger fully integrated annunciator system and thirdly it provides a direct replacement for older Omni8a and Omni8b's.
The Omni8P is the successor to the Omni8a or b annunciators.
Initially when the Omni8C and Omni16C were introduced we had no equivalent replacement of the Omni8a/b since the Omni8C is a half sized unit with four rows of two windows.
The Omni8a/b were full Omni16 size, populated with two Rows of four Windows with integrated pushbuttons and audible.
The Omni8P now fulfills this role for replacements.
Apart from the obvious stand alone applications of the Omni8P are the requirements for 24 Point or larger annunciators where both an Omni16 and Omni8 are fitted in the same cutout one below the other to form a single annunciator unit.
With the pushbuttons and audible built into the Omni8P it's a simple matter of connecting the common services for a fully functional integrated annunciator system without any extra add on components and minimal wiring.
Remember Omni8P also comes with all the optional enhancements that are available on new OmniC series such is optional mains input, Modbus serial port, repeat relay outputs etc

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