Annunciators send alarm messages by SMS

Omniflex now offer plant engineers the convenience of having alarms from the their alarm annunciators sent direct to their mobile phones.

These days most people have a mobile phone and these can now be used a simple way of being notified of an alarm that has occurred.

When an alarm is displayed on the annunciator an SMS message is sent to the engineers mobile phone providing details of that particular alarm.

This is a great way for engineers to be notified of alarms, no matter where they are, without the need of a dedicated pager system.

This is done using the new Silent Sentry SMS Alarm Monitor. The Silent Sentry can accept up to 12 direct inputs (analogue or digital), and has a Modbus port (Master or Slave) that allows alarm data to be sucked out of existing equipment such as PLC's and Alarm Annunciators.

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