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Omniflex leads Integrated Remote Control and Alarms Systems with Maxiflex

October 2006
Omniflex has a set of Maxiflex CPUs - the T2 which is dedicated to data acquisition and telemetry applications. They require no user programs when used for data acquisition or telemetry application. Simply plug them in, connect field wiring and power up. All I/O is scanned automatically and I/O status assembled into Data Interchange Table (DIT). The CPUs however can be programmed for control as well. Other CPUs (P3) in the Maxiflex range offer IEC61131 programming with six languages standard and function blocks for PID suitable for dosing plant control. The telemetry functions run automatically and independently of the control application so scada systems can be acquiring data whilst control applications are running. Maxiflex also supports remote programming service via it communications networks.

Remote control over instrumentation wiring

The system integrates the remote pump start/stop function with motor status feedback from pumps and level statuses directly to an annunciator panel. No more hard wiring of panel indicator lamps for stop start run indication. All this can be displayed on the annunciator via a Modbus link. The telemetry aspect of the remote control can be implemented on copper cable (screened twisted pair - instrument cables) up to 10 km from the control centre. Radio systems can be used for wireless applications where cable infrastructure is non-existent. GSM Networks can also be utilised with Short Message Services being used for data transmission or GPRS communications.

Remote control over wireless links GSM or dedicated radio infrastructure

Maxiflex also supports redundant applications where on larger pumping stations, pumps run redundant with the control and monitoring application also redundant for maximum availability or service. Integration of remote I/O into the system is simple for distributed monitoring of I/O like temperature vibration and pressure.


Typical applications for Maxiflex:

* Pump remote control.

* Reservoir level control.

* Pump station monitoring and control.

* Dosing plant applications.

* Flowmeter monitoring.

Configuration is easily made using a free Windows-based software package called 'OmniSet' and a serial cable available from Omniflex. Simple selection of pull down options allows the user to configure the CPU completely. This configuration includes the ability to create multidrop telemetry systems using the Omniflex CONET Local Area Network up to 10 km on twisted pair cable.

Maxiflex provides a very cost-effective solution to remote control applications and simplifies the field I/O systems by eliminating the need to write time consuming application programs for data acquisition or telemetry. Should data acquisition also be required with the pump control, Maxiflex I/O systems cover analog inputs, voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD and digital inputs, potential free and voltages up to 200 V d.c., series contact chains, and pulse inputs up to 50 kHz.

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