Battery backed instrument power supply

Omniflex leads the way with battery backed Instrument Power Supplies

Battery backed instrument power supply

The Omniflex Powerterm Power Supply Series features an instrument power supply with integral battery charger. Fitted into a DIN rail mounted housing solution, the combined power supply and charger offers a number of useful features.

The devices are well suited to mining applications where remote instruments are used for metering and control, and there are periodic power outages. The Powerterm charger series provides the appropriate backup, improving plant availability at significant cost savings.

Tuned for sealed lead acid batteries with temperature compensation

Featuring a charger tuned for sealed lead acid batteries, a temperature compensated charging rate that uses a temperature sensor strapped to the battery for feedback to the charger, protecting the battery during high ambient temperature conditions.

Battery testing facility

Batteries need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good order. The device provides facilities to allow the batteries to be tested in location. A charger shutdown input is provided. On activating this input, the charger is disconnected, allowing the battery voltage under load to be measured. This time saving and convenient facility makes maintenance checking a pleasure.

AC mains fail relay and load cutout facility

The power supply also provides an AC mains fail detected output. Batteries are capable of delivering enormous currents under system fault conditions that can damage wiring and equipment. The power supply incorporates an auto-resettable load cutout, which disconnects the load under over-current fault condition. During prolonged power outages, the back-up battery will eventually discharge. If the load remains connected, the battery enters its 'deep' discharge phase, which can cause irreparable damage to the battery, and reduce its capacity and life.

Under-voltage cut-out

An under-voltage cutout disconnects the load when the battery voltage begins to fall and an independent charge current control circuit prevents overcharging of the battery, even on no load. This has the added benefit of allowing the Powerterm Charger Series to deliver maximum rated load even when the battery is discharged and undergoing rapid charging. The maximum float voltage necessary to ensure full charge, but not overcharge, is temperature dependent. If the battery is installed in an environment with widely fluctuating temperature, then use of the external temperature probe is recommended.

Features of this product include:

* Instrument quality power supply with integral charger.

* Size the battery to suit the application backup time.

* Designed to prolong battery life.

* Integral diagnostic warnings.

* Temperature compensated charging in harsh ambient environments.

* Compact DIN rail mounting.

* Range of options 110 or 220 V a.c. mains input, 2 A, 5 A, 12 or 24 V system output.

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