Sitewide medical alarm monitoring

The Teleterm Silent Sentry module from Omniflex is a low cost, state-of-the-art alarm monitor ideal for sitewide Medical Alarm Monitoring

The Teleterm Silent Sentry module from Omniflex is a low cost, state-of-the-art alarm monitor ideal for sitewide Medical Alarm Monitoring and can be used as an 'instant support call' when medical assistance is required on-site. A typical example of a recent application being installed was to replace an existing Medical Alarm Monitoring system and procedure that was not efficient enough. When medical assistance was required on-site the procedure was for the engineer to ring the emergency telephone number (routed to the main gatehouse) where a security officer would answer the call. The security officer would make notes and then would have to make a telephone call to the medical staff to inform them of the incident and the location where help was needed. The problems occurred when the gatehouse was busy and the calls were not getting passed quickly enough to the Medical staff: the security officer was also never made aware of when the medical staff had actually arrived at the scene of the incident. The Omniflex Teleterm Silent Sentry module was introduced to improve the current procedures. The Silent Sentry module was installed in a small panel in the main gatehouse and linked to a GSM network. The panel was provided with a number of buttons, each of which represented a plant or area. These buttons are linked to the input terminals on the Silent Sentry unit. When the gatehouse receives the telephone call for Medical assistance, the security officer simply asks which area the incident has occurred and presses the button on the panel that represents that area. The security officers job is now done (he no longer has to try and contact a member of the medical team by phone to inform them) as on Pressing this button, the button starts to flash and the Silent Sentry unit sends a GSM Signal (which has been pre-programmed with a unique message) to the medical teams mobile phone numbers, informing them that there has been an incident in that area. Once there are enough medical staff at the scene to handle the situation, they can let the Gatehouse know simply by typing 'ack' to the unique message on one of their mobile phones. This stops the relevant button flashing in the gatehouse and therefore the security officer can see that it is under control. The pushbutton then goes steady and is ready to be re-set. If after a set period of time no acknowledgement has been received in the gatehouse the Silent Sentry unit automatically sends out repeat message to all the mobile phones. This system now reduces the work and time required by the Security Officer (especially when the gatehouse is busy), reduces the time it takes to get the Medical Team to the incident, whilst always keeping the gatehouse informed of the status of the 'Call for Help'. If you would like to learn more about the Teleterm Silent Sentry and Sitewide Monitoring, please call one of the Omniflex Sales Team.

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