Omniflex Omni16 Alarm Annunciator Continues to Lead the Way

the Omni16 Alarm Annunciator continues to lead the way in its market niche and is packed full of user selectable features that enable practically any alarm annunciation function to be accomplished.

In an age when a generation of technology is probably less than 12 months it is barely conceivable that the Omni16 Alarm Annunciator has remained at the forefront of its market niche, flashing its way into control rooms of industry around the world for more than 25 years. For the benefit of non omni16 users, the annunciator is packed full of user selectable features that enable practically any alarm annunciation function to be accomplished.

This star performer owes its success to various facelifts, upgrades and enhancements over the years, keeping it current with technology trends. The introduction of High Bright Backlit LED Illumination and transparency printed fascia text (where users print their own text instead of engraving) fulfilled user requiremnt specifications and the addition of various input boards such as Modbus has provided greater user functionality over the years.

The latest Omni16c Annunciator now comes equipped with more features and flexibilty than any other annunciator on the market today. These include Serial Interface board (modbus/PLC Compatible) for use in applications where alarm annunciation is required using serial communication, paired with Modbus network watchdog relay output (for monitoring the Modbus Comms). Additional features include time delays on inputs, 24Vdc/48Vdc or 85-264Vac/dc Power supply options, internal repeat relay outputs, group alarm output contacts, pushbutton for Silence, Acknowledge, Reset, Test and 27 dip switch settable standard sequences with more sequences available by PC configuration. All of these features make the Omni16 the most versatile annunciator on the market.

This well proven annunciator has also recently been sucesfully assesed for use in IEC61508 SIL 1 Applications.

When choosing your next alarm annunciator think about safety, realibilty, flexibilty, latest technology and continued support, think Omni16.

Omniflex provide full technical and service support for all products sold over the past 38 years and has as its strategy the ongoing investment in research and development of electronic products for the control and instrumentation market globally.

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