Harness the Power of the world wide web for Mine monitoring and management.

Monitoring and managing assets and downtime on the Worldwide Web


July 2007
A topical subject in many corporations these days is the issue of monitoring and managing assets and downtime. Management has to face the difficulties of identifying problem areas, managing over large geographical areas, rapid information flow, and slow response to problems with attendant escalating costs. They also want to automate alarms and reports, and eliminate wastage of resources.

The mining and metallurgical industries are some of the largest consumers in South Africa; it stands to reason that monitoring in these large concerns has the potential to generate substantial savings.

Omniflex has harnessed the power and pervasiveness of the world wide web for the presentation and dissemination of data enabling large scale operations to collect and consolidate consumption data and condition of resources through the use of GSM enabled remote terminal units (RTUs) which interface with existing equipment installed at a multitude of locations around the plant or mining operation countrywide.

Through its practical knowledge gained over 40 years of working for clients in the mining industry the company has developed solutions that will endure under the harsh conditions found in that application area.

The Omniflex front end hardware solution takes the form of RTUs located in the field and distributed as necessary amongst the assets such as power, ventilation, environmental and safety equipment that require monitoring. For network flexibility Teleterm M2 Series RTUs are available in many variants from Ethernet, Conet, Modbus and wireless with radio or GSM communications.

The Omniflex Data Center, which is located within the GSM cellular communications cloud, provides a service called Data2Desktop accessible via the Internet. This allows many users access to data via an Internet browser with no investment in special software. Widely distributed company assets can be view at a single webpage by authorised users from any remote location or even a web enabled phone. Data2Desktop merges conventional data acquisition and condition monitoring from remote locations with the Internet and mobile devices in a single service.

The services offered include:

* On-line summary status page.

* Alarms via SMS.

* Alarms via e-mail.

* Periodic summary reports via e-mail.

* Sample data history download.

* On-line graphical trends review.

* Browser for cellular phones.

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